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huddle & bliss is a true family business. The business was launched in February 2008 and has very quickly established itself across the UK as a favourite premium brand amongst new parents and parents to be.

The company was founded and is managed by Sherry Hornagold-Prosser. During the start up the business was closely supported by Sherry’s late husband, David Prosser. David sadly passed away in October 2009 after a long and brave battle with cancer. His invaluable contribution will live on for years to come. After taking time out with her two boys Sherry has since returned full time to huddle & bliss and is happily remarried to a serving member of the British Armed Forces.

Several family members and close friends work for the business and they have each made a unique and individual contribution to the launch and growth of the company. Many others volunteer their time which is greatly appreciated.

huddle and bliss are passionate about UK manufacturing. Our entire classic cotton baby range is made here in England. We are a team of experienced mums who understand what is important to parents. We have put together a range of premium quality baby essentials and basics that we know you will love and use.

Our most popular item is the h&b labour & birthing shirt which is exclusive to huddle & bliss. We were the first to produce an item specifically designed for the purpose. This product was also used by Natasha Kaplinsky and a host of other famous faces. The design is the result of our team’s own birth experiences – 15 babies no less and feedback from practising midwives.

In fact many of our ideas have come directly from our own pregnancy or maternity experiences. We have developed products that we wanted, needed and felt were absent from the market in terms of design or quality. But now they are available to you.

huddle & bliss Founder and Managing Director – Sherry Prosser

“I am passionate about babies, family life and this country. I wanted a business that embodied all of these things.

It is somewhat of a myth that this country has no manufacturing industry. We are in fact the sixth largest manufacturing nation in the world, behind Italy – but in front of France. We are a leading producer of chemicals, green technologies, electrical and optical equipment in addition to be home to two of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Outside of the US we have the largest aerospace industry in the world. However all of these firms are hi-tech industries and it is the market of global branded consumer goods where we have little if any presence. That is why today’s consumer has the view that we do not make anything! However, this country still has a wealth of talented craftsmen making quality goods, particularly in high-end and niche markets.

I have taken upon the mantle of like-minded people and set out to discover these businesses and do my best to incorporate them into the huddle & bliss brand. I am delighted when we discover something new that fits into our brand and within our ethos. In additional to our Classic Cotton Range we have introducted organic cotton products and natural skin care products into our collection – all of which are manufactured here – we are one of the very few businesses who have even considered, let alone been able to achieve this.

We live in such a hectic world and if you are anything like me, forever on the go, then you love to shop online, you view it as a godsend. I love the leisurely aspect of it, the fact that I can do it anytime and the wide choice that is available. But I still want personal and attentive service from the shops that I buy from. You will get this from huddle & bliss.

Good customer service is sadly so lacking in many of today’s businesses. Whilst I am a fan of technology, I think a friendly voice with name at the end of a telephone is so important. Many E-commerce businesses operate in a purely faceless online manner and that is certainly not for us. huddle and bliss is a friendly hardworking team of mums who strive to provide not only exemplary customer service but also to share advice, experience and give guidance when requested. It is daunting being pregnant and a mum for the first time, and every member of our team has been there!

As an employer, I believe that mums are incredibly undervalued in the workplace. Most mothers have a breadth of experience that cannot be obtained in any other single role in life. It has been proven time and time again that they work harder and are more dedicated than many of their peers. Yes, having children does often bring a conflict of interests in terms of the work life balance, being a wife and mother of two young boys myself I fully understand this. However, I think with a little bit of give and take on both sides, working mums make an indispensable contribution to any business. I hope more employers follow suit and employ mums and value their true worth.

I hope I have given you an insight into the ethos of huddle & bliss and what we are striving to achieve with our beautiful brand.”

Sherry Hornagold- Prosser – Founder & Managing Director

Company Ethos

huddle & bliss are the only choice for British-made premium baby clothes. Our aim is to create a stylish online boutique offering well-made and traditional goods, the majority of which are Made in England and hand-finished in our own workshop. Our premium products are simple, elegant and understated and arrive beautifully wrapped in our signature packaging. All our efforts ensure you will be delighted with your purchase.

Meet the Team

We are a small close knit team at huddle & bliss. A mixture of family and friends. We each have our specific roles but we always muck in and help each other out, so you could get anyone of us on the phone. We think it is important that each of us, including the management team, understand all areas of the day to day aspects of the business. This keeps us focused on the needs of our customers and how best we can meet those needs. Despite being an E-commerce business, personal and friendly service and attention is at the forefront of our customer service aim. In an age of technology and automation, we believe that should you need it, the voice of a real person at the end of the telephone is always appreciated.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]